Dear India travelers, please read the following informations and click under the item 15 on the button "apply online" to get to the online application form:

1. Visit the website of the online application form and select Indian mission office - Germany-Hamburg or Germany-Frankfurt. (Jurisdiction-Map) depending on where you are registered

2. All mandatory fields need to be dully filled in the online application.

3. Use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and Adobe Reader for filling out the online application form.

4. The online application form is available on the Indian government servers in India and is trustworthy.

5. Once filled completly and verified, the application form must be printed and submitted.

6. The online application form must be signed in two places. The first signature is in the box below the photo (The signature must be inside the box provided), the second at the end of the application.

7. Two coloured photos, size 5 x 5 cm,(against white or light blue background) need to be submitted along with the Application (Face and shoulders should be be clearly visible.). Failing to comply with these requirements can lead to massive delays in issuing the visa. (Photo-Spec PDF)

8. In order to avoid the difficulties in obtaining the photos for the required size, we offer you the comvenience of getting the photos clicked in our Office. The price for 4 pieces is 8 €.

9. The visa is valid from the date of issue.

10. The submission of an application outside our allotted areas can result in the return of your documents and the loss of fees.

11. Please do not book a flight until the visa is issued.

12. The duration period, the number of entries of the visa and the return of the passports are exclusively subject to decision of the Indian Mission.

13. Fees once paid for consultation and services will not be reimbursed.

14. For personal application we accept only cash. Amount for application sent by post should be transferred over a bank. Please enclose the transaction receipt along with your application.

15. The application form can be submitted at our Office either in person or via post

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